Mini bus ride to Dinah

All of us have few friends going to Dinah, and the transportation every year is an issue to deal.

So I was wondering if we just get a (mini) bus (it will be cheaper than flying and safer than driving tired) and MUCH MORE FUN!

So please check that you want to participate, and I will check the prices and type of bus we will need depending of number of lezzz confirmed.

**IMPORTANT** For now we are only doing estimative, so don’t be afraid to check that you are going if you are interested. I intend just to make the deal in the beginning of March, so we will have time for cancelations. 👍🏻

(Sorry for the broke English - love you guys)
  • Dinah Shore Palm Springs Estate
    432 W Hermosa Pl, Palm Springs
  • Mar 29-Apr 1, 2018
  • Event on Facebook


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