Hands On: Shade


Hands On : Shade is our fourth annual Palm Springs pride celebration of queer art and music at Ace Hotel & Swim Club. Though we celebrate year-round, we like pay homage to some of our favorite things once the sun backs off a little bit in November and we can lounge by the pool all day, basking in one another's glory. This year, join us for three days of New York City queer ballroom culture with MikeQ and Beyondadoubt, Mustache Mondays, The Miracles Club and Kiki Xtravaganza of The House of Xtravaganza hosting a mini ball by the pool and one late night in the Amigo Room. We'll also be screening Paris is Burning by the pool so you can sing, strut, laugh and cry along with cocktail in hand.

We'll also have crafting and letterpressing in the Type Truck with Kyle Durrie where you can free-style on the presses or work with some of her ball-themed templates to print gay-as-hell verbiage on whatever your heart desires.

For a discount on rooms, book online with code SHADE. We'll have Feel Good Spa specials and freshly muddled cocktails from the Amigo Room, plus free clay masks by the pool.

Get legendary, children.


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