A Moment in Time - Art Photography Project


This is a project to get people involved in a large ART INSTALLATION and you get to take home a forever piece with you .. please read and scim the following below to find out how you can be a part of it.. thank you.

12”x18” Black and White printed and signed photos of people I meet from May 10th thru June 10th 2017 A one-night show, experience the portraits of those who participated and if you participated, you get to leave with your photo at the end of the night.
(Anticipated Show Date June 24th)

Have you ever wanted one really great photo with a bit of artsy edge? Capturing a moment in time. Making an art show with you and ONE really great Artsy photo."

I am known for capturing the essence of those who sit for my photography. I can capture happy, quite, melancholy or just you the way you are with me.
We will have a cup of coffee or tea with you hot or iced. We will talk. You will wear whatever you want. I promise to capture a beautiful thoughtful photo.
(All photos are professionally taken and retouched.)

In order to get just one very special photo. I still will take about 100 photos to really capture it.
Being surprised with your photo at the show is going to be the fun part. (Trusting in your ARTSY PHOTOGRAPHER)

$100.00 one person per photo (One printed photo 12”x18”)
$150.00 two people per photo (One printed photo 12”x18”)
$200.00 three people per photo (One printed photo 12”x18”) and so on.

Additional copies of each portrait will be for sale $75.00(includes shipping)

Once the show is over there will be a folder on facebook where you can find a low res image with my water mark on it for downloading.

May 10th thru June 10th (Please set up an appointment)
Curry’s Cell Phone 213.448.2607 or message me here on facebook. (this invite only allows 2 weeks) but the time is 4 weeks

I will gladly come to you if you are in the Palm Springs area. I will take a moment to look at your surroundings to find a great spot. You may come to my location or we can meet someone cool in town as well. I know a lot of nice places.

30 people… (the more the merrier!!)
Please share this idea with your friends and family.

I think up ideas like this all the time, but typically shoot them down before they are ever born. I love the idea of a huge community gathering where the people of the community are a part of the exhibit. So yes, I am pushing this forward.

I am a living full time artist. There are ups and downs to this particular lifestyle choice. I presently am in need to visit and stay with my Mother for a few weeks. She has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer that has a time frame. I would very much like to be with her at this time. This project will help fund this desire to spend some time with my Mother. So your help in participating is wonderful. In the event you can not participate, I would love it if you could share this event with your friends and family. The show will be exciting and dynamic with as many people as possible.

Please comment below if you are interested or message me personally with your contact info or email me.. curry@currymendes.com or call 213.448.2607

I am a professional photograph and portrait artist. I have taken photos for Palm Springs Life(inside), Desert Outlook (cover and inside), Desert Daily Guide (cover and inside) Weddings, Receptions, personal photos, headshot, and my love ARTSY. I have many folders of photos i have taken in my facebook albums please browse.


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