Chaps Inn (Closed Permanently)

100% love it
GayCities Members report that Chaps Inn has closed
Leather/bear resort
This friendly 10-room resort is located Uptown. Meet people at the pool or play in the outdoor sling. Rooms rates are not raised during special events.


    • TravelDetails
      TravelDetails Over a year ago

      I was greeted by the owners who live on site and were very accommodating. My room was of a good size with a small kitchenette and private patio. Pool area is clothing "discouraged" which results in plenty of suntan lotion. Noted a more mature crowd. Would stay there again on my next visit to PSP.

    • Erarey
      Erarey Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First experience, great experience
      I've never stayed overnight in Palm Springs on my own, and never at an actual Gay spot, and definitely never somewhere geared towards Leather/Daddy/Mature crowd, so, the whim reservation I made at Chaps Inn had me a bit apprehensive. All of this apprehension faded away as soon as I dialed their reservation line and was greeted by the friendly, professional and cheerfully British voice of one of the owners. About five minutes and I had my room. Fast forward an hour and a half and I arrived, entering into a closed off little corner of a busy Palm Springs street with nothing but their website to go off of. The crowd was Mature, for sure, but relaxed, friendly, respectful, and nude. Chaps Inn is clothing optional, in case I hadn't mentioned. Now, after a quick chat with one of the owners about my home town, the weather, the Salton Sea and a few other pleasantries, I made it into my room, a King Kitchenette. Upon entering, my first reaction was... well, nothing. The room was clean, neat, with a couch, a coffee table, several night stands, a large and wondrously comfortable bed and, of course, the namesake Kitchenette. A further tour of the room revealed a modern style bathroom, spotless and well appointed as the rest of the room. A brief check on the kitchen found slightly dated but functional and sanitary appliances. Zooming through my goings on in the room, I headed out to brave my first shot at choosing the optional part of clothing optional and test out the hot tub. The pool, which had been surrounded by the casually hanging (In more ways than one) loungers, was now relatively empty, only a wonderful couple from San Diego and a gentleman from up North keeping me company in the hot tub. Warm, relaxing and in the perfect spot to see all comers from any angle, I settled into easy conversation and simple comfort. Looking around, I saw a few of the more... interesting amenities. A Cross, a cage, some stocks and bonds, all set off to the side in their own little area for space's sake as well as simple neatness, their availability never in doubt, much like the grill placed nearby as well. Taking the opportunity to get myself a drink, I took advantage of the "Free For All" fridge, near a filtered water cooler and ice machine, which was a simple fridge with mixers, liquor, odd domestics and imports left behind or stocked out of generosity. Once again, zooming through the rest of my conversations and goings on, I went out for the night, had my fun, and returned to my conveniently located refuge, finding it a bit chilly (I never checked if I had a heater, luckily the sheets were warm, through other means) but peaceful and quiet, a welcome change from the sounds and sights of Palm Spring's main drag. The next morning, upon inquiring on check out, I was informed that no new reservations had been made and that, if I wished, I could stick around till noon, provided nothing came up. I took the chance to do so, packing up and sorting myself out before checking out. This again was greeted by friendly, familiar and fabulously British small talk with one of the owners, and as I handed in my key and said my final goodbyes, I felt what I almost never feel leaving any given hotel or spot; a sense of dismay that my stay had ended, and that my experience for now was over. Summary: Great customer service, fun clientele, decent facilities, peaceful atmosphere (If the crowd and the season are given to peace, still have to stop in during pride, summer, etc.) and convenient location. Definitely a favorite stop for an overnight stay.

    • tommyfoot1965
      tommyfoot1965 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      outstanding place!
      i had a great time this 4th of july weekend, clothing optional, hot guys, the owners are very nice and helpful. the rooms are nice and big. next vacation i take is gonna be there.

    • Nicotene
      Nicotene Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Stayed for New Years
      This place was great. The owners were very friendly. We had the upstairs room hidden in the back.. I would stay here again

    • gartit
      gartit Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great rooms, nice grounds, very nice pool, and great owners. Stuart and Ian make you feel welcome from the first meeting. My first visit won't be my last.

    • cacondor
      cacondor Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Puppy Cage
      Stuart and Ian are most cordial hosts. The inn is clean and comfortable. Next visit there, i may be spending the night locked naked in the puppy cage by the pool rather than sleeping in one of the comfy beds.

    • brieffus
      brieffus Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Our first time in PS
      We looked carefully through all the possibilities and chose Chaps Inn based on its description and the reviews it received - it sounded like our kind of place. The hosts were welcoming and our accommodation was perfect. The facilities were exactly what we wanted/expected. It was a bit quieter than what we anticipated but it was perfect for our first time stay in Palm Springs.

    • chuckers
      chuckers Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun place - great owners
      I realy enjoyed my stay here. Nice guys and interesting patrons, including locals. My only complaint, and the owners know about it, was the a/c unit wasn't strong enough. I will stay there again.

    • KajunBBTop
      KajunBBTop Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Mild to Wild and everything in between
      This is my favorite place to stay while in Palm Springs, CA. The owners are the greatest and make you feel at home. You can have a mild to wild get-a-way depending on your mood. You can relax in the sun, pool and jacuzzi with your swimsuit or not its all up to you but its a great place. My partner try to head out to Chaps Inn 2 - 3 times a year. See you in August!!!!

    • Lonepine
      Lonepine Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My stay was delightful.
      I found the owners postively charming. If they didn't like someone it's because they don't put up with attitude my dears. The rooms were spotless, fresh clean linens everday. Yes it is an older crowd, the average age when I was there was about 45. No bodybuilders, but no one obese or wrinkled beyond recognition either. Some bring younger partners. About half the guests were couples many of whom are repeat customers. The atmosphere is sensual and relaxed rather than a sexually charged meat market. It is a safe, clean, quiet place to bring a trick back from the other clubs or from on line.

    • Leatherman
      Leatherman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot place for HOT men
      Chaps is a hot place with hot friendly! men. I dont know what the other reviewer was on but he is wrong! The owners are NOT over 60 nor are most of the guests. Chaps is a clothing optional resort for men into Leather and bears. It is fun and friendly and a great place to stay. Highest recomendation!