Helios Resort

89% love it
GayCities Members report that Helios Resort has closed
Gay resort with infamous parties
Helios offers guests a relaxing getaway during the day, and brings the nightlife right to you when the sun sets. The resort regularly hosts parties that have been known to go straight through til the next day without losing momentum.


    • Christopherr
      Christopherr Over a year ago

      A resort for masochists
      The worst 'resort' I have ever stayed at. Small, dingy room painted a sickening blend of brown and dark green. Meat hooks above my bed, presumably to hoist a sling. Two of the bathroom 'lights' were in fact heat lamps that operated only on a timer. The shower head was positioned at only five feet, making showering very difficult. Electrical outlet plates were literally falling off the walls. The room was so dark I had to ask for a clip lamp to use at the desk. When I asked the manager for my bedsheets to be changed on the second day, he stated that the hotel policy was to change sheets only every three days because 'some of the guests (paraphrasing) urinate and defecate on the sheets'. When I insisted that my sheets be changed daily - in accordance with its own website advertisement - the manager threatened to call the police. All this for $175 a night. A complete nightmare. Avoid under any circumstances.

    • rjowers
      rjowers Over a year ago
      Hates it


    • TheGuys
      TheGuys Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Can't say enough...
      What can we say? A truly wonderful place to stay! During the week (we stayed for 7 days) it was fun during the day and quiet and relaxing at night. The weekends pick up (especially for the Saturday night parties). The staff goes out of their way to make your stay exceptional. The owner, Ed, is a very gracious and friendly host. He is often on site and socializes and intermingles with everyone. He makes you feel like you are a friend or guest staying at his home, not just a "hotel guest". The office Manager, Mike, is delightful. When not busy taking care of his daily duties, he will stop for a break and chat with you, suggest things to do, places to go and, again, make you feel like you are staying with friends. Carson and Reid do everything possible to make sure you have anything and everything you need in your room, will go out of their way to accommodate requests and always with a friendly manner. Professional, but with every bit of focus on being friendly. Only chatted with Erik in the office once (he only worked one of the days we were there) but, again, as with everyone else, treated you like you were a long time friend and not just "some visiting customer". Everyone working there goes above and beyond to ensure you feel welcome and appreciate that you are staying with them. Again, they don't treat you like a random guest... they make you feel like you are friends they have know for years. A truly amazing place to stay. We WILL be back and this WILL be our "home away from home" when our yearly mid-winter vacation to sun and fun comes around. Unlike the various Gay Men's Resorts we have stayed at, it was refreshing to have such a comfortable welcoming feeling and a warm, friendly, gracious staff. Usually the staff is "cordial" because they have to be. The owner, if you even see them, don't have time to be bothered with anyone. The staff will assist you with your requests or things you need, but only because they are required to do so. Or, even worse, the owner or staff have their "flock" of regulars or locals or friends who they are occupied with, catering to and make you feel like you are intruding upon them or bothering them if you ask them for something. NOT at HELIOS... Everyone from the Owner to each member of the Staff embrace you like you are friends staying at their house for the weekend. No "airs", attitude, pretentiousness... just very laid back and relaxed. Even the locals and regulars are friendly and fun! Whether sitting at a patio table, laying by or in the pool, in the hot tub, the staff will stop by for a bit to chat or to check how you are doing during the course of the day. And, you don't feel like they are doing it "just because they feel obligated to do so". They do it because they WANT to. Whether to ask what you did the the day before, ask what your plans are for the day, etc... or just to tell you a funny story or just to see if there is anything you need. We can't thank you enough Ed, Mike, Carson, Reid and Erik for your hospitality. You made our vacation fun, interesting, relaxing and purely enjoyable. You didn't treat us like "hotel room renters"... you treated us like long time friends and family. Thank you again and look forward to hopefully seeing you next year!!! Eric and Mark from "The D"

    • cul2bombe
      cul2bombe Over a year ago
      Hates it

      nice place
      great place on w-e and especially when there is parties but on the weeks days barely nobody

    • ambiguous420
      ambiguous420 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      my bday wkend
      so much hot fun in the sun with hot men. the pool is always luke-warm (24-7), always clean, and the play areas are fun too.

    • HappyD
      HappyD Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Check out the parties
      A small, very well kept Mens resort in Palm Springs. The men tend to be on the hot side, they have a great indoor and outdoor play areas which helps make the parties there a damn good time.