Desert AIDS Project

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Community AIDS-related assistance
Desert AIDS Project provides medical care and comprehensive support services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the desert community. Free, confidential, rapid-result HIV testing is available, as well as counseling, home health services, legal assistance and assistance with housing, medications, food, re-employment and more.
We're raising funds to support bars & clubs affected by the pandemic. Learn about GayCities' LGBTQ Nightlife Relief Fund


    • CliffordWest
      CliffordWest Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Fantastic Fundraisers / Zero Support for Clients
      Since 1988, I've monitored AIDS organizations in 7 CA Counties / 27 States / 12 Countries. The Desert AIDS Project hosts the most successful fundraisers with celebrities galore who marvel at this organization that knows how to party. DAP clients who know only what it's like to have the door slammed in their faces -- literally -- would be outraged just how good David Brinkman is at panhandling. If you plan to be a DAP client, the best place to start is at the front desk with Candy Johanson. She is the only kind one you're gonna meet. Since the 1990s, the DAP has habitually encouraged new clients to sign up at intake and after that, clients are on their own. The question is: Who gets all that money they collect? There is no Outreach to anyone outside Palm Springs. Other than providing some support to a selected few young gay WHITE men, there is nothing to this place. Mexican- African - and Asian-Americans are always told the same thing: "Sorry! Out of funding! Try again in 6 months!" The DAP is the only AIDS organization I know of that is insensitive to women. Shame on the DAP! It's medical case managers are unqualified with no manners who rarely help, but they sure do know how to beg for a handout.

    • Jerzy
      Jerzy Over a year ago
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      Aids Awareness
      Just a reminder!!..December was aids awareness month why not make every month aids awareness month sometimes we tend to forget like AIDS ever exists but OMG it does so..heads-up guys use discretion & definitely wear protection. We must never become to complacent...