Watercress Vietnamese Bistro

100% love it
GayCities Members report that Watercress Vietnamese Bistro has closed
Fun patio for dining and happy hour
Watercress is full of exotic drinks, awesome Vietnamese food, and a nice patio to enjoy the outdoors while you dine.


    • noooby
      noooby Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Tasty Food at one of PS' Better Asian Eateries
      Despite the overbearing music (they did turn the volume down when we asked) and the embarrassing, tacky "Oriental" artwork crowding the walls (nothing to do with Vietnamese culture), when the food arrived we were so happy that the quality and flavor were high. We started with pork belly buns (3 for $10) that were colorful, textural and tasty. I ordered Ban Mi ($6 without fries) so I could see whether or not the place had merit as a Vietnamese restaurant, and was happily surprised. The baguette was warm, crispy on the outside and soft inside to soak up the juices. The pork and veggies were perfect fillers (although not completely faithful to the real deal in Vietnam). My husband's pork vermicelli dish ($11) was tasty but missing enough of the colors and textures that veggies would have added (Vietnamese food is all about the variety of veggies and herbs added in). We noted that they offer healthier options of brown rice or sweet potato as substitutes to white rice and there were lots of vegetarian options on offer. Although Vietnam has many more styles of food than Americans are familiar with, the menu was padded out with Thai and other Asian dishes. Hopefully Watercress will introduce other, more authentic Vietnamese dishes as they develop, along with some complimentary baskets of fresh herb crudités that customers can add in as they like for more Vietnamese realness. Other gay couples spotted dining as well.