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Palm Springs' pampered pets
"The first truly modern-inspired, hip pet boutique in the desert." Well if being hip is important to your pet, than shopping here is a given. But aside from the large selection, the store also donates a portion of proceeds to local animal shelters and organizations.


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    • PoolBoy
      PoolBoy Over a year ago
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      The legacy of many (allegedly) gay celebrity residents since the ‘40s, like Dinah, Merve, Barry and Cole, is the love of tennis, golf, syncopation and pets. Animal rights are a value shared by most people in Palm Springs – even more than plastic surgery and rehab. So, unless you are here for the latter and cannot get away, stop by PAWZ and be inspired to add another pet to your family or adopt for the first time. Do not assume it is just a pet boutique. PAWZ wants you to be more than a window-shopper for a good reason. PAWZ is in the same retail complex as Koffi on the northern end of Palm Canyon. Look out the back entrance of Koffi and PAWZ is at the other end of the path.