Dream Board Mixer


Building Dream/Vision Boards at our Rancho Mirage Kitchen where we will provide food and beverage samples to everyone who joins us. We ask that you begin collecting magazines and mediums that will provide you access to symbolic references to your visions. Good to Go will do our best to have crates of magazines and blank boards with which to design upon- we will also provide glue sticks and scissors. Please bring these supplies if you can- hoping to fill the house with good company, great food, awesome music and an environment where dreams are built!

We believe by placing thought into our dreams and goals, they are more easily accessed. Dream boards are one way to allow manifestation to take hold in your life.

Please join us- 6:30 pm until whenever we are done!! You'll go home with your board. Can't wait to see everyone's dreams!!!

72-301 Country Club Drive. Suite 110
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


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