Canyon Club Hotel

93% love it
Shed your stress and your clothes!
The Canyon Club Hotel is a clothing-optional hotel that is full of many amenities, including private patios and kitchens. They offer special packages for some of Palm Springs' biggest events and weekends!


    • Showing its age!! Steam room and hot tub out of service. Some of the patio furniture needed replacement. Day passes no longer issued which cuts down on the variety around the pool. Room not serviced one of the three nights during stay; needed to get with front desk for fresh towels. Wifi spotty and weak. Difficult to operate TV. The number of gay, clothing optional hotels has dwindled due to COVID. Let's hope Canyon Club can hang on for a while longer.

    • topcop3003
      topcop3003 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      gone downhill
      I have been staying here off and on for many years. First, the good stuff...The staff is always nice and friendly and the hotel has easy parking and a good location. I have noticed a deterioration of the hotel over the last few years and on my last visit the place is falling apart. Arrived and had trouble getting in the door because the electronic lock is having issues. Then walking in the pool was surrounded by caution tape because the filtration system malfunctioned. Once getting in my room the air conditioning remote didn't work as well as an electric plug where I was trying to charge my devices. The hot water quit during my stay and the bathroom was is a state of disrepair. Also the wireless internet was all but useless. If the owner reads this, you need to spend some money and get this place back in shape. I will not be returning until massive revocations are done.

    • peteajr
      peteajr Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Stayed before, will stay again
      My husband and I have enjoyed staying here a few times most recently in April 2017. The beautiful pool has been repaired and is now heated making it quite comfy. The dry sauna is now working. The grounds are quite nice and the rooms are nice too. The staff is friendly. Visitors should check this place out.

    • LarBearNAZ
      LarBearNAZ Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place to stay! Have been here 4 times in the last year. In fact, got legally married in the garden area this past September. Friendly place both the staff, owners, customers. The place is starting to look a little "shop worn" but then who of us doesn't. Highly recommended for a relaxing time.

    • darkmail
      darkmail Over a year ago
      Loves it

      love it
      what a great place and great people

    • Tad
      Tad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Room was clean and comfortable. Sauna and steam were very nice and used by guests. Maze and garden well tended and lots of fun.

    • kodiestarland
      kodiestarland Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Day Pass Slut
      I've only been here on a day or night pass, and have never stayed over, so take that into consideration here. I have many fond memories of Canyon Club, and it's a great place to come with a lover or friend. When the honeysuckle is in bloom around the jacuzzi (March-May), the scent is paradisiacal. Good looking guys here, though most are with partners. Most of the guys however, are willing to sneak away from their significant other for a few to do you in one of the nice Italian style lawn chairs (that are actually on a lawn) in the pretty and expansive side garden, which has a hedge maze and a picturesque, gurgling koi pond. . I've had a few quickies there with wandering husbands: "I'm just going to get some fresh towels honey" (he got the "fresh" right). The water amenities are quite nice - a sauna that's fresh and smells nice, a very nice steam room, a beautiful pool and the aforementioned jacuzzi. They have a fun play room and the best porn in Palm Springs. (And I'm not even much of a porn watcher). The front desk staff are really affable and actually interesting and at times I've chatted with them for an hour or more. Old movies often play in the comfortable lobby on a big screen t..v. Oh! And the playroom also has a bed that's very clean! Favorite Canyon Club moment: I had been hanging out in the sling a lot last year (refer to review title) and one day while visiting Canyon Club on a day pass I ordered a pizza and asked for it to be delivered to the resort.. The charming owner of Canyon Club (who's still handsome at 80!) said to me, "Shall I send the delivery boy to the USUAL place?" : O P.S. Canyon Club, though sometimes sexually charged, is not at all trashy or dirty - quite the opposite. It's very clean, and very nicely appointed, with hints of the upscale even.

    • storhest
      storhest Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great rooms, cool staff and full of surprises. Try it.
      Stayed with my BF for Pride 2011 after visiting as a day guest earlier in the year. Check out Room 118 where we were - stylish decor, very spacious and a great big bed. There's more to the rooms than you might think and they've been done with a good eye and surprisingly high value for money. The pool area, facilities and garden are enjoyable, well kept and easy to just spend time in. The famed Palm Springs resort sexual temperature is definitely on the med to high swing. If you're looking to play, you won't find it difficult. if you're not it's genuinely just as easy to completely chill out here without being bothered. Staff are friendly and helpful with a relaxed sense of humour that suits the place. Owners Chris and Jon have got it just about right we think. It is what it is and is a lot more than it could be. This is one of the largest resorts in PS and clearly demands a lot of work to keep it going, but obviously gets it too. Leave uptight at the door if your stay here and you'll have a blast. Chris, you have a truly wicked sense of humour and get away with it 'cause you have charm. We'd really like to see in-room safes there would just be easier) but nevertheless but these two Brits form London like very much, and we'll be back. No hesitation in recommending. Thanks for giving us a great stay.

    • viajero101
      viajero101 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place to stay
      My partner and had a good time. The pool area is wonderful and the rooms are decent

    • ILPS
      ILPS Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Beware of this Hotel
      I had to cancel my reservation and they would not refund my deposit. It took almost eight months to get my money back, but only after complaining to the credit card company. And then the hotel charged a fee for canceling a reservation months in advance. I'll never trust them again...

    • phototim
      phototim Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Just Love it
      I Have Stade Many times and love it

    • ernurse50
      ernurse50 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great 4th of July
      This is my 3rd time here. Enjoy the grounds. Clean, friendly crowd. Ages 20's-50's with avg age 30's-50's. Sexual energy Med-High. Friendly staff and guests. Easy to strike up conversation and to get your groove on! Rooms are clean and well maintained. Playroom in back is good as well as the huge outdoor maze. Can be a lot of fun! Maze dhould be better lit for hot nighttime frolicking

    • chuckers
      chuckers Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very nice and unexpected
      I opted to stay here on a last minute emergency reservation. I am glad I did. The place is very spacious with a wonderful pool. It looks tiny from the outside, but it has a lot to offer. My room was very big with a Cal King bed and the best hotel matress I have ever slept on. I met one of the owners, Chris, and he's a very charming and personable man. He was at the hotel at 2 am and brought out free ice cream bars for everyone around the pool. I will stay here again!

    • drb1955
      drb1955 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A very good gay resort at a very good price
      I've stayed at several P.S. gay resorts over the last 8 years. From upscale places to skanky pits and everything in-between. Canyon club in my opinion is solidly in the middle. It's a very good value for the amenities and rooms offered. Its not the Ritz, but its also Not a dump. All are welcome -singles, couples, young, old, buff gym rats, leather guys, to beefy bears. They have several categories of rooms to chose from. From basic rooms with no view to penthouse rooms with views and full kitchen facilities. Reservation- made online -no problems- prompt reply and conformation. Check in- flawless -everything in order and gave me a brief orientation and happily answered all my questions. Room- Room was ready and clean upon check-in. Typical Motel/Hotel furniture. Generous chest and closet space. Large screen TV. Air conditioner did a great job in the 104 degree heat. Beware of the touchy tub/shower water faucets-its very hard to get the temperature just right. Water can be very hot - in fact scalding HOT!! Also, the shower water pressure is on the low side. One item I wish the room had is an in-room safe. Bed-King size & Comfy. Linen -Nothing special but all were clean . Housekeeping- Noticed different staff did my room each day and all did an excellent job. Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna and Stream room. All were in good condition, and clean. Temperature for each was just right. Location- good and not so good. Good as its within easy walking distance to many restaurants , bars, and shopping. Not so good as the resort boarders the two main roads (Palm Canyon and Indian canyon) which create some noticeable road noise around the pool. But -The rooms were quiet. I heard NO noise in my room from either the road or my neighboring rooms. Like most gay resorts in palm Springs, It's clothing optional. During the day a slight majority of the guests wear a swimsuit. Once the sun sets I'd say about 90 percent of the guests go nude. As for the sexual temperature -I'd rate it as Medium to High. Plenty of free off street parking. Bottom line- A very good gay resort at a very good price. drb1955 Seattle,WA

    • It has come a long way.....
      My partner and I stayed there the first weekend that the new owners had it up and running. the room had recently remodeled, it was beautiful...the place wasn't quit finished so because of that, Chris & Johnny gave us a comp. for a room to come back at a later date. A few months later we did the transformation was incredible! The rooms were gorgeous the atmosphere was sophisticated...and service was of coarse, above and always..