Manhattan in the Desert

90% love it
NY style deli
If you're a fan of huge deli sandwiches, these mountains of meat can be a sight for sore eyes. And a source of sore stomachs.


    • phototim
      phototim Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A lot of food
      I have a large group let we have dinner there twice a year and they all seem to enjoy it I plan on going back soon

    • davidhdancer
      davidhdancer Over a year ago

      Latke's are great and so is the pastrami omelette

    • pmhirsch
      pmhirsch Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best DELI !!!!!
      If you want good Deli... this is the place. Wonderful service and food. Interesting crowd!!!!

    • Jerzy
      Jerzy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Its OK BUT...
      ...I prefer Sherman's because there closer to downtown Palm Springs..Like sitting out doors on the patio..and besides luv there pastries..I know its only a DELI but I just don't like the atmosphere prefer Sherman's...

    • PoolBoy
      PoolBoy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Yo, is it too much to ask for a Delicatessen categ
      As a former New Yorker, I think t is important to recognize that Delis are regional, like a dialect. The first time you are exposed to a new one, you need to pay attention a little more than you normally would on your home turf. If you do, you will catch the nuances and what is different for you to enjoy about the place – it is not the same for everyone. However, if someone speaks you language, but you are not happy that it does not sound the same - - then, go home and as New Yorker’s enjoy saying - - don’t let the door hit your fat ass on your way out. Manhattan in the Desert is very PS, but similar to these Delis in other cities: Center Stage Deli in San Francisco, The New Yorker in Atlanta, Schwartz’s of Montréal, Zucy’s in Santa Monica (until the ’84 earthquake) and Taste of New York in Kaimuki, Honolulu. You catching on to the language metaphor? MID attracts the same great friendly mix of gay men and aging locals as Sherman's, the other larger deli in PS, so each as found its niche. MID has a more complex menu of generally better food. Sherman’s is closer to a New York Coffee shop and not a Delicatessen. You may disagree. It seems that people like one or the other, so let me point your fat ass in the direction of the door because on the way out I think you will like MID’s pastry wall more than Sherman’s small selection. I especially like the fact that MID is close to some of the better hiking trails and just far enough away from downtown PS to be unknown to Desperate Housewives, Hell's Angles and Tweekers. The employees have generally been there for years and like working there and their patrons. I have not found that to be true at Sherman’s. As for what might be slightly different at MID, the Turkey burger with Avocado and blue cheese French fries. Russian potato salad, but it is a bit too mild. As for Tradition!, they’ve got it all – herring and anchovies on toast, Potato latkes, brisket like Aunt Tille used to make and great booths so you can spread out and relax. Here is a secret between you and me, if you are ordering take-a-way from the deli. Give your order to Adam, he will take care of you - if you tell him you are friend of the poolboy, he will hook you up with a mouthful. Another tip for dining in a small town – always tip well. Even for take out.