Saturday September 9th
Happy hour is 3-7pm

Another Pop UP Show and you never know who might drop in to entertain you!! ( Please click on the picture to see all of our featured guests)

We invite you to come out and enjoy this show as it takes on a life of it's own.

I will be hosting and singing classics,oldies and more.

Valcine Brown performed at Wang's on August 27th and blew the roof off the place!! Her amazing vocalizations of pop, R&B, disco, you name it, she can sing it!

Tommie Douglas is as country as you can get. We are thrilled to welcome Tommie to Wang's!

Anita Rose and Anna Rexia are two of Palm Springs favorite Drag Queens.

There are others who have said they want to drop in an sing a song or two. You just never know. The last Pop Up Show the incredible Keisha D and Jerome Elliot cameby to sing a few songs.


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