Paparazzi, A Star Studded Dinner & Drag Show

Get ready for an EPIC battle! We have 5 Contestants who have never done drag before, fairy drag mothers ready to coach and a show you don’t want to miss.


Join us as Contestants and our mysterious wild card contestant compete for a cash prize and bragging rights as the winner of One Night Only’s 1st Drag Completion.

$3 Wine $4 Well Cocktails $5 Margaritas $5 Mai Tais $6 10oz Well Martinis $7 Skull Vodka $14 Top Shelf Smoking Dragon Tinis $19 Wangs Spiked Dragon Punch (52 Ounces)

To make reservation, call 760.325.9264 or by using the online reservation system at and put One Night Only in the comments