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Vista Grande Resort (Atrium, Avalon & Mirage) *

Tropical and cheesy mega resort
A provocative jungle playground featuring fire pits, lagoons, rain forest atmosphere and a penis god. Clothing is very optional is the uninhibited environment. Accomodations range from reasonably priced poolside studios to luxurious jungle villas.

Tags: Men Only, Outdoor Patio, Swimming Pool, Gay Resort, Hot Tub, Clothing Optional, VCR/DVD in room, Steam Room

574 S Warm Sands Dr (E. Ramon Rd.)
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Warm Sands

(760) 322-2404 · (800) 669-1069


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  •   Why bother?
    DanielG1959 ·


    The place is ancient, yet the rooms are very nicely done. The staff for the most part are nice and friendly. The owner an old tired, poorly dressed man and the GM Tom (...never heard of that...) are moving along in their own world. Their Monday through Friday breakfasts and lunch are "elementary school" items with Jimmy Dean frozen sandwiches and microwaved items. No flare or panache. At these prices you deserve a little more. Can't say alot of GREAT things about this place, although it has potential. If you have $$$ search around for a better experience.
  •   Never again...
    Drummer ·

    August 15

    First off, I should tell you that I usually eschew review sites unless I have something positive to say. This is the first time I’ve written a negative review about a vacation resort. But I’ve waited almost two months for someone from Vista Grande to follow up with me, as I was clear that I was very unhappy (I even left three days EARLY because I was so over the place). But no, not a word from them. So here goes. I have been visiting the Vista Grande for the last 5 years. Each Summer I would visit two or three times a season, and always for a week or 10 days. You can imagine how much money that adds up to at $200+ a night. This summer alone (2016) I’ve spent almost $4,000 at the resort. You’d think I’d be considered a good enough customer to at east follow up with and try to correct the situation. But, again, nothing. Each year the place gets a little more tacky, a little more neglected, and a little less customer-service-centric. Last year one of their rooms literally blew up, destroying several rooms. Devastatingly, the visitor was burned badly, and died in the hospital shortly afterwords. Those three rooms remain boarded up. Poolside. Lovely. I’m a pretty low-key guy, and don’t demand a lot. I preface the following with this so the reader doesn’t look at the words with the voice of a screaming mincing queen in mind. I’m a normal, educated, masculine gay dude with little pretense. I don’t like to be “pampered” at all, but I do expect the basics from a “resort.” These are the kinds of things that they just can’t seem to notice in their failing business. Some may sound trite, but think about it: When you’re on vacation and SPENDING MONEY you kinda expect the resort to want you to be comfortable. I have communicated every single one of these issues to the owners, some repeatedly, so they have had opportunity to address them. Once again, nope. So: - One of the pools (which they call the “quiet pool” since they play no music on that side) is about 95 degrees. Nothing refreshing about it, especially when it’s 110 in the shade. - The sauna is still closed since the explosion (see above). - The air conditioning (depending on the room) is as loud as a jet engine. Bring earplugs if you want to sleep. - The beds feature polyester sheets. Haven’t they heard of cotton? - The other pool has music playing. I should say, POP RADIO is playing (screaming, processed voices - Think Katie Perry), loudly, over the speakers. Complete with LOUD commercials every few minutes! Ever try reading or just relaxing with this crap playing in the background? - They have free ROKU on the televisions. Yay! Problem is it does not work. At all. - Kitchen crawling with ants - No cold water. Seriously. Try washing your hands in the middle of the day. The water is absolutely scalding from the uninsulated water pipes baking in the sun And here are just observations that I couldn’t even bring up to them, since they are so ridiculous: - Seems everywhere you look there is a TV playing… porn. And bad, tacky porn at that. - At the hottest time of the day, around 3PM, they come along and offer you a popsicle. What am I 5 years old? Hope about ice water? - Yes it’s clothing optional. But if you have a good body you won’t fit in. Trust me on this one. - They have a waterfall which I used to really enjoy because it was 1. Cooler than the pools and 2. There was no (you guessed it) radio blaring at me. This last time, there were 3 (large) men standing in the middle of the water, smoking cigarettes, and blowing each other. Gross. I tried going back later after they had left. I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess what i saw floating on the surface of the water. Again, gross. - The staff cruise you. Yeah I’ve gone for it with a few of them over the years but that’s not the point. It’s really tacky for a resort worker, while on the clock (!) makes a move on you. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m always “up” for it if you know what I mean, so I’ve given in a few times. The main guy will also occasionally whip out his goods and flip em around at you from the side of the pool. Classy. - They “order in” or BBQ lunches, and breakfast & dinner on weekends. Worst. Food. Ever. Like, the cheapest of the cheap. They used to order from a local restaurant and you got to pick from a menu. Todays it’s like, “Hey we have hot dogs for lunch. Want one?” One is all you’ll want. - Have a friend that you wanna have over to hang at the pool? That’ll be $20. And we have to scan your driver’s license. Welcome! - You have to sign a waiver that states, if you use silicone lube while doing what we do, you’ll be paying for the sheets. Invest in COTTON sheets! See above. - You get a “Free Gym Membership” while you’re there. To a local gym (I won’t mention the name here but they cater to us gay guys. As do, in fact, all of the gyms in Palm Springs, in fact!). Total and completely embarrassing dump with practically no equipment, and filthy. If you’re a serious gym-going kinda guy, buy passes at one of the real gyms in town. I could go on, seriously, but you get the picture. The last time I was there, it was on a Sunday morning that suddenly all of the above caught up with me and I just had to get out of there (three days earlier than planned). I forfeited my return flight already purchased, and booked another one-way flight out that day, for $400. That’s how over the place I was. As I left, I told the main guy I was leaving early. He asked why, incredulously, and I told him I’m just not enjoying myself nor able to chill. I cited the radio blaring at the pool as finally pushing me over the edge. It’s been two months and yet, as above, no one from the place has contacted me. No inquiry as to what went wrong. No refund of any sort. Nothing. All told I lost about a grand because I left early. Again, it was that bad. And so you have it. Needless to say, I’ll never visit the Vista Grande again. I am, however going down to Palm Springs again tomorrow for a week. I’ll be staying at a different gay place that I’ve heard many great things about. Meanwhile, the competition is slowly sinking the Vista Grande. Figure it out guys.
  •   The right choice once again
    wscgw25 ·

    January 4, 2016

    We have been coming for a few years and the place delivers every time. The staff is very friendly and accommodating (including Tom, who is portrayed in other reviews in ways unknown to us). The rooms are clean and cozy - on one trip our room had some unexpected issue and we had to be moved, actually upgraded at no extra cost to one of the suites, with a phenomenal extra service. There are two beautiful heated pools, one more quiet, another more social. The steam room and hot tub are also a great spot to hang out... And there are always nice guests to interact with - just don't judge anyone. Sad that the sauna is gone for good but they keep renovating in upgrading to keep a fresh look. And now they not only offer breakfast but also dinner and lunch on weekends. We have been to other PSP resorts but this one is still the best choice. We will definitely be back.
  • wscgw25 was here

    January 4, 2016

  •   confrontational staff
    Dbepdx ·

    March 8, 2015

    Just called hotel for another booking to give it a second chance . I told "Tom" at front desk that I was there in April but didn't have the best experience due to the condition of the hotel (very run down ) even though my staff review was 5 star....the hotel was in horrible shape! He said hotel was recently upgraded and remodeled. I gave credit card and booked it . HE THEN HAD THE NERVE TO CALL ME BACK , and confront me on my past review and was VERY confrontational about it !! Who does this ?? What kinda hotel ever confronts a paying guest ?!? I told him to cancel reservation and that I would never tolerate giving my business to such an establishment. Some Gay owned properties treat guests like transient bothersome impositions .... this is one of them.... You can do much better at other more professionally run establishments!
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