Inndulge Palm Springs

88% love it
Clothing-optional resort
Their motto is, "To pamper, pleasure or gratify oneself," and that is the style of this resort. It has one of the largest pools in Palm Springs and the 12-man jacuzzi is open all night long. There are 24 poolside rooms that are reasonably priced.


    • dstyler
      dstyler 1 year ago
      Hates it

      TLDR: After rudely lecturing us about his cancellation policy and refusing to refund, the owner finally promised to let us use our 50% deposit for a later booking if he was able to rebook the original room. The owner did rebook the room but did not honor our agreement. *** This so-called resort is definitely a situation where you need to pay attention to the fine print -- specifically, their cancellation policy and the owner's lack of hospitality. Six weeks prior to my partner's and my August trip to Palm Springs, I booked two weekend nights at INNdulge. Two days after booking, they charged 50% of our stay, which came out to $300. I don't travel all too often, but when I do stay at a hotel, they usually don't charge for your stay until you check out. They might put a hold beforehand, but they don't charge before you visit. INNdulge charges half of your booking a month and a half before your visit. And you can't get any of it back at that point. Three weeks after booking (and still 3 weeks before our check-in), work and family circumstances required us to change our travel plans. This is not the first time I've called a hotel to change and move a reservation to a later date. It's never been an issue. So I contact INNdulge, anticipating a similar outcome. Instead, the owner, Jon Jackson, told me that since the reservation was less than 42 days away, our 50% deposit was forfeit if I canceled. You read that right, they have a 42-day cancellation policy. Other hotels have cancellation policies of 3 days, 2 days, 24 hours, or sometimes the day of. To explain why his policy is so unforgiving, Jon played the victim card. He bemoaned over the phone that he's a small business and that's why he has to have such an extended cancellation window. That if he didn't, people would book but then cancel weeks before their trip. He wouldn't be able to rebook the room in time, and he would "lose too much money." He went so far as to compare his business with airlines because they won't let you rebook unless you pay extra (but even then, you're not forfeiting what you've already paid). Nevertheless, I wasn't trying to cancel. I just wanted to use our deposit for a later date. Specifically, in October. But since October is their "busiest month," they require a minimum of 4-days and jack up their rates. While I wasn't happy about it, that's business. Can't argue with that. Though it was not really in our budget, my partner and I decided to go ahead and book for October. We thought that we would at least be able to use the already charged $300 toward the new booking. We were very wrong. It is not the owner's policy to allow such accommodation. Why? Jon rudely informed me over the phone that he didn't want to "take the risk" with me because I was already canceling 3 weeks before our original booking. That he was losing money if he is unable to rebook the original. But he was very comfortable, after already taking $300, to tell us to just rebook for October and pay the full amount, which was going to be at least an additional $1200. Finally, he consented that he would be the "nice guy" (though he made sure to tell me that he didn't have to be) and promised to give us the $300 credit for the October booking IF he was able to rebook the room for the original dates with another guest. I didn't hear from the owner again. Out of curiosity, a few days before the original weekend we were supposed to stay at INNdulge, I checked to see if I could book a room for those dates on their website. They were fully booked. I even had a friend call, and the front desk said they had no rooms available for the weekend. So that's that, folks. That's how Jon Jackson, the owner of INNdulge, chooses to run his business. Hospitality is not on the menu. And he was totally comfortable with losing a returning customer. He said to me that there are plenty of other customers who want to stay at INNdulge, and yet he also told me on the same phone call how unlikely he would be able to rebook the room in 3 weeks. So which is it, Jon? There ARE plenty of other clothing-optional resorts in Palm Springs, with better accommodations. Don't give your money to a miser who is this stingy. Who views their returning customers as utterly expendable and nothing more than monetary transactions.

    • KrmDrkc
      KrmDrkc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      BED BUGS IN INNDULGE RESORT PALM SPRINGS !!!! This post is the share the encounter and the displeasure we incurred at our recent stay at INNdulge resort in Palm Springs California. After staying two days, it was time to check out and gathering our clothes and belongings to home, we made a discussing discovery. THERE WERE BED BUGS AND AT THE BOTTOM AND MIDDLE OF THE BED!!! We made this BED BUGS DISCOVERY, and it was time to check out. We knew we needed to bring it to the managers attention. There was ZERO EMPATHY from the front desk person named JESSI(MALE) who argued with us and raised his voice instead of being apologetic as someone would in the hospitality industry! He then called the owner, SANDY(MALE) over who made the the situation worst!!! Again instead being apologetic and making empathy on our HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, “HE HAD HIS HOUSEKEEPING PEOPLE SWITCH OUT THE BED SHEETS WHILE WE DISCUSSED WHAT OCCURRED IN THE HOTEL LOBBY”. After doing so he invited us to look remade bed “ (Such a joke!!!)” OF COURSE, WE WOUD NOT STEP FOOT BACK INTO THAT ROOM!!! Because of the infestation and we had the PHOTO EVIDENCES! Ultimately, police were called and there was not much to do of the situation but seemed to be more on our side about how the OWNER SANDY (MALE) POORLY HANDLED THIS EXPERIENCE !!!! We paid $275.00 per night and of course we had higher expectations, at the very least no BED BUGS!!! And when we said that to OWNER SANDY, HE SAID “RILTZ CARLTON IS DOWN THE STREET AND YOU CAN STAY THERE.” WE STAYED SIMILAR RESORTS IN THE AREA BEFORE, THEY KILLED US WITH KINDNESS AND PROVIDED EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE. THIS IS OUR FIRST NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE THEREFORE WE REALLY FELT LIKE NEED TO INFORM OUT PEOPLE. QUICK SUGGESTION TO THE HOTEL OWNER, SANDY, YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, AND ANY FUTURE POTENTIAL GUESTS NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT DISGUSTING CREATURES WAITING FOR THEM IN THEIR BED ON THEIR FUTURE STAY AT INNDULGE RESORT PALM SPRINGS!!!

    • Skyfalljb007
      Skyfalljb007 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      superb ambiance

    • Savion
      Savion Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Gay Resort without the snobbery. THANKSGIVING BLAST!
      love staying here at Innduldge. Such a great atmosphere. Not a large resort. Very small and intimate, but it is huge on things offered. Staying here for a week through Thanksgiving. I've heard great reviews on this resort and to be completely frank the parking lot here is full and if you look on the whole strip where we are. No other gay resort lot is full. More like one or two cars are there.. I love the fact the it's clothing optional. :)

    • Scott3320
      Scott3320 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Impeccable service, beautiful resort
      Can't say enough good things about INNdulge. Just returned home from a fabulous weekend at the resort. There are many great qualities and features that stand out in my mind, but I have to say the friendly staff and excellent service was especially outstanding. The INNdulge team was always availalbe if I needed anything for my room or if I had any general questions. They were attentive without being overbearing, and professional yet not stuffy or impertinent; one of the best hotel staff teams I've dealt with in a long time. The pool area at INNdulge was beautiful. A lot of the pool areas at the resorts in Palm Springs are too small with not enough space to spread out. INNdulge has one of the best, if not THE BEST pool areas in the dessert. I loved it. Spacious, beautiful, sunny, great views, etc... I could go on and on about INNDulge, it is truly one of the top men's resorts in Palm Springs. Check it out!

    • marqtte
      marqtte Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place!
      Stayed here for the first time in may and loved it! The grounds are well maintained, nice breakfast, friendly staff, nice rooms. The nitely happy hour is a great place to meet others staying at the resort. You really feel at home at inndulge. The owners and staff remember your name from the moment you intoduce yourself.

    • NordicGuy
      NordicGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      INNdulge is Just Hot Enough...
      INNdulge is Just Hot Enough for most gay men of a certain age (35-55) and means (and their admirers) who still dutifully throng to this long-established gay male exclusive Warm Sands gayborhood. Yes, INNdulge's guests are probably looking for some nice clean relaxing titilating fun - but for the most part they're NOT the ones spending time cruising the neighborhood's streets or its more-notorius neighboring scank pits either. This comfortable mid-century modern enclave provides a perfect balance of genuinely friendly spiciness and stylish casually appointed creature comforts to satisfy most anyone. John and Jean-Guy, the owners, run a pretty tidy clothing-optional ship and tend to their many guests (it's usually a very busy place) with just enough personal attention to make everyone feel like it's a comfortable home away from home. Easily the BEST of the many gay male-exclusive clothing-optional resorts!

      FOOTBALL Over a year ago
      Hates it

      better places exist
      I was there in March 2010 and during that weekend it was practically empty. I was given a noisy room next to pipe. Breakfast was lacking and practically no service or hosts were seen during my three night stay.Rooms are big but the bathrooms are ugly and in need of modernization. Very disappointing.

    • tornjeans
      tornjeans Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place
      There in Jan 2009 and going back later this month, Apr 2010. Looking forward to it! Friendly and Clean!! Back and lovin it!!

    • vegasdave
      vegasdave Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place to stay
      Very nice place, very clean rooms. This was my first clothing optional resort. Thought i would try for my 50th birthday last year. The owners Jon

    • nyctravelboys
      nyctravelboys Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I Love This Place!
      We have been to Palm Springs several times, and always stay in Warm Sands area because that's where most of the hotels are. This time we tried Inndulge, and I must say it is our favorite so far. The owners are super friendly, the rooms are the cleanest I have ever seen in a gay resort, and the crowd is perfect for us. Lots of single guys and some real hotties. But couples as well. All very friendly and lots of fun to hang with. Suggest you give Inndulge a try next time.

    • wscgw25
      wscgw25 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Just that. Not great.
      Maybe we picked the wrong weekend? Depending on staff (some temporary, the best). Bored. Really. The rest of the residents were lame. Maybe Palm Springs is not the place to get a winter break, but no matter what, it will take a lot to convince us to go back to the Inndulge.

    • SFTodd
      SFTodd Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Most Social
      The management, especially Jean-Guy, makes a tremendous effort. They are always willing to answer any question; they have great suggestions for night life and for restaurants. The evening wine and snacks are very good and provide a chance to meet other guests. The rooms are clean and reasonably-priced. This resort has my highest recommendation!

    • YourPalPete
      YourPalPete Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love that 50s Modern Front
      The facade of InnDulge is hands-down the best look in the Warms Sands area of Palm Springs. I go out of my way to take a look every time I'm in the area. The owners are the best and friendliest of any of the gay resort operators in Palm Springs. (Some others operators need to take note!) Jean-Guy and John are always great hosts. The rooms are, in my opinion, somewhat ordinary, but always clean and neat. This resort is geared toward a more mature male traveler who is looking for a friendly atmosphere. The sexual heat level here is on the low side, which can be very appealing if you are looking for a nice calm environment.

    • PSLover
      PSLover Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A Very Nice Place
      I stayed at INNDulge twice over the past year. If you're looking for a quieter clothing-optional resort with a non-cruisy atmosphere, this is for you. The property is pleasant and clean, and the rooms are nice. The entrance is a beautiful specimen of mid-century modern design - - a Palm Springs classic. The two owners, John and Jean-Guy, go out of their way to make their guests feel very welcome. Jean-Guy usually presides over the evening cocktail hour, and his French-Canadian charm will win you over.