Vista Grande Resort - A Gay Men's Resort

80% love it
Tropical resort and adult playground
A provocative jungle playground featuring fire pits, lagoons, rain forest atmosphere, and, yes, a penis god. Clothing is optional in this uninhibited environment. Accommodations range from reasonably priced poolside studios to luxurious jungle villas.


    • MikeinSC
      MikeinSC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The perfect oasis
      I just got back from a long weekend at Vista Grande and my only problem is that there aren't lovely naked men all around me anymore. We had a wonderful weekend. The covid restrictions meant that the crowd was a bit subdued, but we made the most of it, naked by the pools. The staff is wonderful, the rooms are not fancy but more than adequate. The four 24 hour porn channels were an added bonus. We had a wonderful time and look forward to returning. Hopefully by the next visit the world will be back to something close to normal and they'll be allowed to run the steam room again.

    • Lazybrooktom
      Lazybrooktom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Really Nice. Stepped up their game
      I wasn't expecting too much, but they really excelled in overdelivering during my stay this month. First, the facilities were much nicer than I remembered from 10 years ago. And yes, the steamroom and every other amenity is working properly. They also now serve 2 or 3 (simple) meals a day which is really nice. The staff was great too. I don't give perfect reviews much. But it was 10s across the board.

    • wscgw25
      wscgw25 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The right choice once again
      We have been coming for a few years and the place delivers every time. The staff is very friendly and accommodating (including Tom, who is portrayed in other reviews in ways unknown to us). The rooms are clean and cozy - on one trip our room had some unexpected issue and we had to be moved, actually upgraded at no extra cost to one of the suites, with a phenomenal extra service. There are two beautiful heated pools, one more quiet, another more social. The steam room and hot tub are also a great spot to hang out... And there are always nice guests to interact with - just don't judge anyone. Sad that the sauna is gone for good but they keep renovating in upgrading to keep a fresh look. And now they not only offer breakfast but also dinner and lunch on weekends. We have been to other PSP resorts but this one is still the best choice. We will definitely be back.

    • Dbepdx
      Dbepdx Over a year ago

      confrontational staff
      Just called hotel for another booking to give it a second chance . I told "Tom" at front desk that I was there in April but didn't have the best experience due to the condition of the hotel (very run down ) even though my staff review was 5 star....the hotel was in horrible shape! He said hotel was recently upgraded and remodeled. I gave credit card and booked it . HE THEN HAD THE NERVE TO CALL ME BACK , and confront me on my past review and was VERY confrontational about it !! Who does this ?? What kinda hotel ever confronts a paying guest ?!? I told him to cancel reservation and that I would never tolerate giving my business to such an establishment. Some Gay owned properties treat guests like transient bothersome impositions .... this is one of them.... You can do much better at other more professionally run establishments!

    • CoreyPDX
      CoreyPDX Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Far Exceeded My Expectations
      I'd never stayed at a gay resort and knew next to nothing about Palm Springs. I needed someplace quiet and relaxing, but centrally located. The party resorts held no interest to me. Vista Grande looked the best online for my needs, and it far exceeded my expectations. The grounds are green and lush, the facilities were clean and top notch, the fellow guests were friendly and outgoing, and staff goes above and beyond to make you comfortable. Add in the fact that breakfast and lunch are provided every day, plus dinner on the was also a great value. The place is currently going through some renovations to make it even better, but that work never interrupted my stay or relaxation. I stayed for 5 nights and literally did not want to leave. I can't wait to come back.

    • sjors
      sjors Over a year ago
      Hates it

      still has a lot of potential
      It was very quiet when we were there, just after the President's day long weekend, but we could see the potential, if busy. The set up is much better than at All Worlds. The hot tub at the back is great as is the steam room. The room too was clean and comfortable. Seemed to have been renovated recently. With a bit more upgrading could become one of the better resorts.

    • ParisNat
      ParisNat Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I like it!
      I've been going for several years now to the Vista Grande Resort and I wouldn't go anywhere else! I like the atmosphere - going naked all day is great. I've met some really nice guys there and have always appreciated the atmosphere. OK - it's not the most modern place in town but it does have a certain charm. I go there twice a year from Europe - so I want good value in an expensive holiday... I'm booked for a week in February after a few days in San Fran. Anyone else be around then? Write me! Big naturist hugs to you all! G

    • pslocal
      pslocal Over a year ago
      Hates it

      No Locals anymore
      To be completely honest here, this place used to allow locals in 'to add to the menu', but for some reason they completely stopped it two years ago, except for their 'favorite locals'. For an older resort, it does seem aged, but as of 2 years ago they tried to keep it looking decent, at least from outside. And, they completely rebuilt the sauna. The staff ranges from an extreemly nice house keeper, to an owner who can be overly nice or overly unpleasant, depending on his mood.

    • Ranchoron
      Ranchoron Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Old and it shows
      I can appreciate a fun sexually energized anything. I stayed at a neighboring gay resort and took a tour of The Vista Grande. I was NOT impressed. it really looked old and run down. some of the overhangs had electrical wires hanging down, chipped/peeling paint. The staff really didn't care if I was touring or not. Not so friendly. It was suggested that I walk back to the famous waterfall and there was an orgy. Kewl, but NOT KEWL.. there was no safe sex it really was a nasty scene, they have a steam room as well but it smelled like piss. I asked to see a room and I was shown a room with old nasty carpet, mildew in the shower and the room smelt like it had been closed up for a year. If you want sex in a run down older property this is the one. Buyer beware.

    • dealwith
      dealwith Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best place to stay
      I have been going there for 10 years now. It has a great staff, hot men from locals to out of towners , they rock , i am from seattle and will keep going the twice a year

    • Wills
      Wills Over a year ago
      Hates it

      We got a suite ?? Right.. The bed was filthy. The room was more like a Motel6...Was told three room minimum because the hotel was packed (it was almost empty) They invite locals to come hang out free. Room was about $250 a night. Also skinny helper was caught in our room twice to deliver soap ???? Th eworst resort I have ever been to.

    • TomKrygowski
      TomKrygowski Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Tropical Grounds
      Vista Grande has something for everyone...owners are friendly guys and cater to all your needs. Beautiful tropical atmosphere with xtra large hot tub-sauna-steam...waterfall with pool...2 lrg swim pools and very friendly staff...has everything a gay man needs and wants...

    • DesertLover
      DesertLover Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Erratic Owners
      The place used to be nice, and hot, but theyowners put very little back into it, and it's become somewhat of a sleazy dump. No Wi-Fi, limited services, crazy owners. The rooms by the big pool are pretty shoddy, and haven't been updated in years. There were even strange, um, "stains" on the wall... Not going there again...