All Worlds Resort

84% love it
All-male resort

With seven pools and four jacuzzis, this hotel offers many great opportunities to relax and make new friends. Don't miss the Sunday Pool Party and free BBQ. Day passes are available.

2nd place in Best of GayCities 2022 - Stay Gay


    • BlueBoy
      BlueBoy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A BAD experience
      I would not recommend for anyone to stay here as an overnight guest. If you must, just get a day pass. The rooms are subpar and cramped, very few amenities to speak of or worth mentioning. After seeing my room I wanted to leave. The management would not refund my money and became very hostile and nasty. It’s just not a friendly place to stay and they are all about getting your money. Poor customer service, there’s no need for such poor treatment of people trying to enjoy their vacation. I would never return to this place.

    • This review consists of my experiences with the General Manager, Owner and the resort itself. It all started on a previous stay when the resort downgraded my pre-booked room from a King Poolside to a Small Room Queen in the back of the resort, and were not willing to lower my rate I prepaid. The General Manager proceeded to scream profanities at me, and said if I don’t “fu****g” like it, I can go stay elsewhere. I proceeded to my room, only to have a front desk staff member come to my room to give me a gift certificate from the General Manager for a complimentary 2 night stay in their Signature Suite, which is their largest room on the grounds, and offer a sincere apology from the General Manager. Forward to this weekend for my complimentary weekend stay. First, I was told the only Signature Suite was sold out and I could have a buddy room. Since it was a holiday weekend, and I understood it was going to be busy, I accepted their offer. I met the guys staying in the Signature Suite my first evening, they told me they didn’t even reserve the Signature Suite, it was given to them as an upgrade upon check in that day. Hey, I got a free room, so I guess that is fine, just don’t like getting the run around. On day 2 of my stay, I am in my room and this man who did not identify himself walks into my room and starts a crazy tantrum. Screaming, shaking and pointing his figure at me “how dare you be so disrespectful for having your door open, especially since I am paying for your room this weekend, it is 104 degrees out.” Well, the reason the door was open was because I was going to the front desk to get a soda, and forgot my wallet, so I went back in the room to retrieve it. This tantrum went on for about 5 minutes before I got him to take the insulting, aggressive conversation outside. I finally found he was the owner. He proceeded to tell me he doesn’t appreciate me trying to extort his resort by threatening a bad review, just to get a free weekend. I proceeded to tell him what had happened during the previous stay, and he indicated that on the incident report, I demanded money. I demanded a discount in room rate since I was downgraded, which is only fare. He continued that I was a liar and I have nothing in writing to prove what I have to say. Oh, Mr. Owner, but I do. I informed him I had a copy of my previous stay receipt with a hand written note from the General Manager stating he was going to provide me with the 2 night stay with his signature. He argued I couldn’t have it, and once I produced said letter, he said that the signature was his, but the handwriting looks forged. No matter how I stated my side of what happened, he would get aggressive and call me a liar. I informed him I have witnesses, and his response – “Do you know how rich I am?” I told him I am not poor, but he continued to insult not just my integrity, but now my social status. Numerous times, he told me he was rich and he was going to get me banned for life from not just his resorts, but all resorts in the Palm Springs area. I have been to his resort 3 times in 17 years, so his threats were rather comical, especially to the group of visitors now gathered around us. All of which, I got their contact information so I can get statements of what they witnessed during this bizarre tirade. He told me I am a vicious queen and he wasn’t going to ban me, but he was going to have his staff keep a close eye on me for the next day and if I even “sneeze wrong”, the police would be called and the threat of being banned for life was brought up again. Once he walked away, I was in complete shock on what had happened. I was in hotel management for many years and could not imagine ever speaking to anyone like he did. I went through previous reviews, and found I am not the only person he has done this to. In previous reviews, he & the General Manager have been known to treat others the same way if the guest complains about anything. Next, the resort rooms/grounds. The first room I was in was rather small, and the main part of the room was clean. Then you go in the bathroom where the shower looks like it had not been remodeled since the buildings were built decades ago. The tiles were cracked in the shower, and the since looked like it was going to come off the wall. On top of all of this, I had to kill a few roached during my stay (ewe). The room this weekend was in the main building, poolside. This is a very desired area, especially for the Sunday Pool Party. Once again, the room was rather dated. The toilet would only fully flush every 2 to 3 times, there was never hot water and the towel rack kept falling of the wall. For what the resort charges, and him being so rich, one would think some of that wealth would be put back into the resort. Overall, my experience was rather scary and threatening the last 2 stays. There are many all male, clothing optional resorts in the Palm Springs area that offer the same, if not better accommodations. For sure, they offer nicer grounds & options on entertainment while at the resort. If you do decide to stay at the resort, I would highly suggest not to complain to the front desk, General Manager or owner – wait until you get home and post your experiences on this review outlet. I am sure after this review, I will finally be banned from him “numerous” resorts, all 3 of them. If that is what it takes to get the word out, so be it. I feel my experience can help others make an educated decision on where to stay while in Palm Springs.

      MAXXXXX Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Exelentes Rooms
      Last week I stayed in a suite and he seemed very elegant room. Hotel pools are beautiful. and the room was very clean I have no complaints. hoooooh very friendly staff! the supervisor very responsible and good reason why I'm leaving my view of the hotel is to visit and enjoy a good stay and experience.

    • SeattleGuy
      SeattleGuy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Can't Recommend It
      I had been here several times in the past, but I was very disappointed with my last visit. Room prices had gone up considerably. On the last day of our stay, my friend and I wanted to remain on the property after checkout since we had a late afternoon flight. We fully expected to vacate our room before checkout time. Management also insisted that we buy day passes ($12 each) to be permitted to remain on the property. We felt like we were being ripped off for an additional $24. And... if you're looking for a place with some action, look somewhere else.

    • usjustus
      usjustus Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Quiet and Room to Roam
      I have been to several resorts in the Warm Sands area, and always end up back at the All World Resort..the staff has always been friendly and the grounds are clean and although it is a busy place you can alway find a quiet place to read a book and a quiet place to meet a guy...I like it!!!!

    • socalguy25
      socalguy25 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great, Relaxing, Fun Resort!
      My partner and I have stayed at All Worlds on several occasions and have always had a fantastic experience here. Our time at this resort has always been very relaxing and enjoyable. Rooms are very cozy and clean, the grounds are also very hospitable and the atmosphere always seems welcoming--no attitude. The staff has always been very accommodating and pleasant. I highly recommend checking out this men's resort!

    • emporium
      emporium Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great location...staff are on the ball, nice rooms, clean kinda fun for the most part.alot of people with day passes,less respect for the hot tubs and rooms...we paid for 4 days not four hours.

    • SFTodd
      SFTodd Over a year ago
      Hates it

      After several stays at various Warm Sands B&Bs, I suggest that you pass on All Worlds Resorts. The glowing, five star reviews do not match my experiences. The rooms are small; only some are updated; the air conditioning is very noisy; cleanliness is a frequent issue.

    • YourPalPete
      YourPalPete Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Skip It - - A Big Disappointment
      This review is difficult for me, since All Worlds used to be among my top picks. But not anymore. It gets down to this for me: I just do not have a good time here anymore!!! It was only a couple of years ago that All Worlds was affiliated with the company that produced All Worlds Videos. Back in those days, it was not unusual to see some of the actors in those films strutting around the grounds. Sometimes they would even do filming here. Not anymore. The new (and somewhat unfriendly) owners have done some well-needed landscaping and painting. But at the same time, they have sanitized the place and taken away all of the heart and spirit of All Worlds. There are way too many security cameras that monitor your outdoor activities! No more sling, no more glory holes, no more outdoor hammock! With so many other exciting all male resorts in Palm Springs, I can no longer recommend All Worlds.

    • GuyDads
      GuyDads Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun time on Warm Springs
      The rooms are comfortable and clean, the amenities are very good (4 pools, 3 hot tubs, dry and steam sauna, nature area, all clothing optional), the staff is helpful, and the adult randiness was playful and plentiful. The place is comprised of several small resorts that were joined into a larger compound. Don’t go for the cheapest rooms. They are noisier and not as nicely furnished. The mid-priced rooms are very nice. We would go back again.

    • siggie
      siggie Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A great place to visit
      This is my 3x here, the new management have done alot of improvements. they have cleaned it up by keeping the drugies out, they built a fence and now you can walk in front two of the resorts, lots of walking area in this over 2 acres property,weekend are busier and thier saturday BBQ it was great. I have read some negative things about them in the internet, but i can tell you go thier and find out for your self. i ask some people thier and they said that its because they are trying to clean it up. Keep up the good job guy, see you next year for more fun times.

    • German
      German Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Increadible lotza FUN, Hight Sexual Energy
      I just got back from visiting this resort. 1st timer, it was recommended by a friend that visit it 2-3X/year. I met people from canada and all USA. This resorthas it all 4 pools, 3 jacuzzis, 4 separate resorts in 1, steam rm, sauna,,all the amenities you could want, a nature walk very cruesy, they allow locals and guest from other resorts come by on Day Passes which makes it even more interesting. Thier weekend BBQ its free and very popular. It seems like its the largest around the area. Very clean and help and friendly staff. Its under new management and thay are great host. i most see and stay if yuo are around the area. I had the opportunity to visit other resorts in the area belive me when I say nothing compares to All Worlds. By the way they have a huge library of adult porn and most where filmed there. I highly recommended it.

    • Samkatz
      Samkatz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love this Place
      We had a wonderful experience at All Worlds. As soon as we stepped into the lobby, we were warmly greeted by the staff. The room was affordably priced and exceptionally clean. The grounds, pool area and facilities were also very clean. We have stayed at All Worlds before and have always had a pleasant experience, I highly recommend it. - Sam

    • ShaunReview
      ShaunReview Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Staff is Awesome~
      Great! As always. I will always go back to All Worlds because the staff (particularly Kevin, Austin, and Jay) are always so friendly and helpfull. The renovations to the rooms are looking great. And you can always be guaranteed that it'll be busy, even during the week, because the locals love going there. - Shaun