Warm Sands Villas (Closed Permanently)

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GayCities Members report that Warm Sands Villas has closed
Classic and tasteful Warms Sands villa
The Warm Sands Villa has been around since the '30s, with many movie stars among its guests. Today it keeps a traditional and comfortable feel with charming Spanish-style buildings and grounds. Enjoy the sun or evening refreshments at the pool.


    • WayneW
      WayneW Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Horrible ....Beware
      We've stayed here multiple times over the years but never again. The new owner is a liar and a bully. He doesn't tell anyone that checks in that it's no longer a gay resort or, calls them the day before check in after it's too late. We found out by lying at the pool through other guests. We went in an asked the manager/owner at the front desk about it and he argued with me told him I knew and that he explicitly told me when I made my reservation. When I told him we were going to check out and find another place and would be expecting a refund he screamed at me across the lobby "you will get no refund". I feel really bad for the straight couples that checked into this place this weekend. The website says it's a boutique hotel in the heart of Palm Springs. It's a dump and we've all put up with it for years since we live the vibe by the pool. Everyone around the pool had the same experience. At least I was evicted like diabloblanco that stayed here in March for discussing by the pool! Since he tried this same thing at the resort next door you'd think he'd have a clue.

    • Diabloblanco
      Diabloblanco Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Awful experience
      My recent experience staying at the Warm Sands Villas was a bewildering and deeply disappointing experience. Edit: Here's the TV news coverage of the incident: http://www.kmir.com/story/34798048/one-less-clothing-optional-resort-in-the-nude-capitol-of-the-world We booked FIVE rooms for a friend's 50th bday weekend. AFTER check-in we were informed that usual "clothing-optional" policy was suspended for the weekend due to the presence of straight couples they had booked, and we needed to put our suits back on. This, despite "clothing optional, gay men's resort" was explicit on my reservation confirmation email, their own marketing materials, and about any travel website on the internet. Asked for some sort of recompense for being denied one of the main reasons we selected WSV, the new (straight) owner, Frank (over the phone, through his desk clerk) flatly refused ANY accommodation. We complied for the rest of the day, but told the clerk that in light of this, we would be "clothing optional", the following day. Frank immediately called to protest, but I affirmed that we were not getting the experience we paid for, and in light of no discount or accommodation, some of us may be swimming the following day without our suits. Discussion got heated, but Frank agreed we could do so, if we agreed to respect the sensitivities of the straight couples should they be in the pool area. We agreed we would, of course. First thing the following morning, we were told that if we swam nude, we would be evicted, a reversal from the night before. By the pool, we discussed this with the other guests at length, who we found out had their OWN heated discussions with Frank regarding this very issue during the weekend. One gay couple even checked out as a result. In fact, we mentioned our quandary to one of the straight ladies, who was very sympathetic, and thought the situation completely outlandish. About 1pm, I was called from the pool area to the office, and 6 policemen were there with the desk clerk. They told me Frank wanted my group evicted immediately. I asked the clerk why, and, I kid you not, he said it was because "we were discussing the issue with the other guests, and he wants you gone." I was in complete disbelief, and reviewed my rights with the PS officers (who were very helpful, respectful, and great, by the way). I was told that Frank was within his rights to evict anyone at any time, so we didn't have a leg to stand on. I asked if we could be refunded the remaining money of our stay, and the message came back, "take it up with your card company". Frank did finally agree to evict just my suite (4 of us, including the birthday boy), a small mercy. We left the resort as soon as we could pack. One by one, other guests went to the office to express their outrage on the situation. I watched as even the straight woman made the desk clerk call Frank and she told him off over the phone. This whole situation could have been averted had Frank mentioned the suspension of "clothing optional" BEFORE we checked in, during the many times we spoke in arranging the room block. I can't imagine we wouldn't have complied, had we had been able to make an informed choice. This was at best, terrible communication, and at worst, a capricious "bait and switch". In fact, both desk staff members we spoke with complained bitterly that this happened often, and they were constantly put in the middle: Frank booking gay and straight guests, not making the other aware of the policies and resulting awkwardness that could ensue. I will definitely own that I was assertive and confrontational. We were denied a major component of our vacation experience, and NO effort was made to make up for it. In fact, we were humiliated and punished for standing up as consumers. For this, I encourage gay travelers to look elsewhere in Palm Springs (and straight travelers, too...). (Update: We've since found out Frank had bought another gay clothing-optional resort next door, but failed in the attempt to convert to a straight clientele. He had to lease it to All Worlds, and had Warm Sands Villas up for sale).

    • Coast
      Coast Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great getaway
      Stayed here for 4 nights, it is very relaxing. Very clean and staff goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I am coming back next month.

    • kp2727
      kp2727 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      They double charged me for my stay and the blamed the credit card company. If you like hassles and getting robbed, then you'll love this place!

    • Parks1965
      Parks1965 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A great time over the weekend at Warm Sands
      This was my second stay at the Warm Sands Villas, and it was great. Everyone there from the owners to the housekeepers were so welcoming and nice. Dan the GM is fantastic! He does a wonderful job from ensuring you are having a great and relaxing stay. I will recommend this place to my friends, will be coming back, that is for sure! Thanks Dan, Matt and and Doug!

    • KarlosLA
      KarlosLA Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Wonderful Stay!
      We loved it here! The room was clean, comfortable and nicely decorated, and I've never had a more helpful and friendly host than Dan and the others I met here. They were so cordial and attentive. The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. The pool and grounds were beautiful, and there was no late-night noise or disturbance. A great stay!

    • Can't wait to return
      I had the good fortune to go not only go to Palm Springs this past March, but to extend my trip. This meant that I had to move to a different resort for the remainder of my stay and that is where Warm Sands Villas came in. I was given a tour of the facilities where I discovered everything was clean, tidy and well kept. When I checked in, the staff couldnt have been friendlier. I was shown my room, also very clean. My room had a bar fridge and microwave oven, and of course a full bathroom well supplied with towels and soaps. There were tons of shelves and lots of room to put away all of my things. The room had air conditioning (and I think heat, but I didnt need to try that out)! There was a tv, small and outdated (not flat screen) and didnt have hookups for an mp3 player. Wifi was available in my room and on the grounds, however I had some troubles getting a strong signal in my room. The staff were concerned about that and did everything they could to ensure I had an internet connection. The staff that made up the room each day did a fantastic job, and added some personal touches that put a smile on my face when I came back to my room. Breakfast hours were long (I tend to be a late riser) with plenty to choose from. It consisted of fresh fruit, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, toast, cereals, juice, milk, coffeeand probably more, but I can say that I was more than satisfied. It was available in a large, bright sunny room. You could eat there or take breakfast out to the courtyard and eat in the sun. Warm Sands is conveniently located where most, if not all, of the gay resorts are and within walking distance of shopping, restaurants and night life. There was plenty of parking available on-site. The courtyard has a pool and hot tub. There is a firepit for cool evenings. Lots of lounge chairs and some tables with umbrellas. The grounds are nicely landscaped. Music is playing in the background: not loud, but you can hear it. There werent a lot of shady areas to sit and no misters that I saw, but I could find refuge from the hot sun. All of the people staying there were also friendly, but of course that would vary for any stay. If you are looking for a place to relax, in a clothing optional place that isnt like a 24/7 bathhouse, this would be the place to go. One of the things I liked the best was the 5pm happy hour. The staff would bring out wine and nibbles for a couple of hours. This brought people together to talk and meet in an informal way. Staff and/or owners were always nearby making sure the wine didnt run out and often joining in on conversations. I felt at home. Anything I asked for was provided, even when that meant going above and beyond. I cant say enough good things about this place. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Warm Sands and I look forward to going back.

    • sawvaaz
      sawvaaz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Place!
      Friendly and professional staff. Clean and welcoming place to stay. Cruisy enough if you are into that, but not too cruisy. I have stayed at several places in Palm Springs and keep coming back to Warm Sands. Simply the best!

    • RGmpls
      RGmpls Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Tasteful and friendly
      I had a great time at Warm Sands Villas...the staff was helpful and very friendly. the rooms were spotless. the pool, hot tub, breakfast and evening happy hours were great to meet other people! thanks!! Ray

    • Tido
      Tido Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Reviews not needed
      This was our 4th visit to Warm Sand villa. It is so comfortable there that we never thought reviews were needed. Doesn't every one know that is is a great place to stay. We are more mature ( that means over 50) and we never feel that we are the unwanted parents at a youth party. That doesn't mean that there are only the aged as clients. There is a good mix of ages and they all mix. The pool during the day is friendly but not raucous. The evening happy hour social is the best ice breaker we have ever witnessed. Breakfast is the same quality week days as on weekends. Something that is not consistent at other guest houses.The staff are personable and always helpful. Just ask and you will receive(if it isn't illegal or painful). Go see and enjoy T&d

    • DenverGuy
      DenverGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great friendly staff, location and nice amenities
      I would highly recommend Warm Sands Villas for any gay male traveler seeking a very relaxing and an immaculate atmosphere for both fun or just kicking back to take in the sun. I definitely would stay here again and give high marks to their outstanding hospitality.

    • laanesthesia
      laanesthesia Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best Gay B&B in Palm Springs
      I've stayed at pretty much every gay B&B in Palm Springs. Warm Sands Villas provides unmatched comfort. The Villas rooms/suites are clean and comfortable, the staff is unmatched in friendliness and the jacuzzi/pool can be a vacation in itself.

    • Relaxation and beautiful surroundings
      I love this property. I've been visiting here for years. The grounds and views are magnificent. There is nothing like relaxing by the pool in the sun with beautiful palm trees and immaculately maintained grounds to enjoy. Or doing the same in the evening with the moon lighting the magnificent mountain views. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous.

    • TedDC
      TedDC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I've stayed in a number of Palm Springs resorts over the last 25 years and Warm Sands Villas is my favorite. Beautiful view, well-maintained premises, reasonable prices, friendly guests, great location and a delightful staff-- what's not to love?

    • PoolBoy
      PoolBoy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Bring you own boyfriend, or two. WSV is a terrific get-a-way, but expect you room to come with an adjuring stud or an activity list like a cruise ship and you will be disappointed. On weekends when I have too many houseguests, WSV is one of the places I use for overflow. The staff are A+. Stay here and you will be glad you did. Stay her and bring three or four other couples, friends, fraternity bros, etc and create better friendships. If you do not start the tradition, which of your friends is most like to do it instead?